Saturday, January 08, 2011

my childhood place



These two pieces are not the sketches that I first completed in 2011. However, these are done during our first sketchwalk at my childhood place - Margaret Drive in Queenstown!

I have always wanted to sketch my old homes or places that down my memory lane before they were demolished and gone forever. Some of them were here and here. We went to Margaret Drive to sketch becoz the hawker centre will be demolished to make way for new housing flats by end of Jan. Block 38 with its parabolic roof will be retained but the food centre or block 40A, the cinema block and the rest of the old tall flats will be demolished. I have lots of memories for block 38 which used to be a wet market that my mother brought me there almost everyday when our home was just a block down this market during the 1960s. At that time, ducks and chickens were slaughtered here and their feathers were dried in the open space outside the market. My old home in the 1960s from my childhood years was long gone, see photo below!