Tuesday, May 04, 2010

old flats where I grew up

100502_old flats

I lost my Hero M86 fountain pen. I might have lost it after I did the last sketch. So I used Zig calligraphy pens - black and grey to do the outline of the flats after the watercolours. I quite like the watercolour effect on the yellowish smooth moleskine card surface.

I did a post on my birthplace here. I wanted to sketch places I grew up and schools I studied. Unfortunately the old flats I grew up at Queenstown were demolished but my first home look like the one here. This old neigbourhood at Commonwealth is now the foreign students' hostel as I saw them walking in and out of the flats with backpacks and groceries plastic bags. The railway track is just next to the flats and the train only appeared once as I was sketching. The ants and mosquitos were everywhere that I had to leave early and finish the flat details at home. There must be at least ten mosquitos bites on both of my arms and feet.

I will need to get another fountain pen and I will add a small bottle of insect repellent on my art material list.