Monday, November 02, 2020

Last Saturday we went to Little India to sketch trying to bring some postitive energy to celebrate Deepavali. I sat alone in a quiet corridor opposite a very interesting blue shophouse. We had a Zoom meeting in the afternoon since we could have a show and tell at the end of the sketchwalk.

Left portion of a long sketch. The Great Madras, a boutique hotel was on the left with its art deco facade facing a quiet street. Dunlop Street where I was sitting, was comparatively busier with a few barber shops, restaurants and provision shops still seeing customers going in and out but all doors of the tour agencies were shut during this trying period.

Right portion of a long sketch. This blue colour shophouse caught my attention. The blue facade on second story was cladded with wood panels and it was the shortest shophouse at Dunlop Street. Cool & Joy Barber occupied a narrow shopfront between the two shophouses. It was so cool.