Saturday, January 03, 2009

Sultan Mosque and Kampong Glam

I had always wanted to explore Kampong Glam area but I could never find a parking lot. It was my luck on 23 Dec 2008 that I managed to get a parking lot so I decided to order a cup of coffee and sat outside the coffee shop and started drawing. My lamy pen ran out of ink after a few lines! I was contemplating whether to buy a cheap pen at the near-by shop or to stop drawing. It was pure luck that I met Dr Suriani, a potter friend and she loaned me her S$2.70 pilot pen G-2-07 that I managed to complete the drawing. Since it was my lucky day, I was reluctant to go home after drawing so I explored the area around Sultan Mosque and found Sasha - the first teddy bear boutique in Singapore. I bought two Christmas bears - Spencer and Zora for my daughter and my younger son.

Baghdad Street
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Sultan Mosque was built in 1928 and was gazetted as a national monument. Kampong Glam - the area around the mosque has developed into a popular day and night spot for both tourists and the locals with shophouses occupied by boutiques, shops and cafes. Some of the coolest, grooviest shopping finds are around these busy streets near the mosque. You can also find people sitting on a carpet along the five-foot-way (corridor) and smoke sheesha in the near-by tiny street called Haji Lane.

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