Sunday, February 25, 2018

Feb Sketchwalk at Pang Sua Pond


February sketchwalk 2018 at a totally new location right in the heartland. Its Pang Sua Pond at Bukit Panjang all the way to the west of Singapore. I like it that the pond or wetland is next to the swimming complex and the community centre connected by an overhead bridge to the multi storey carpark, Bukit Panjang Plaza where I can find NTUC finest, food and shops.

"This is in fact the second-largest man-made floating wetland in Singapore," said PUB's chief sustainability officer Tan Nguan Sen. "The floating wetland has a few benefits. The plants will absorb the nutrients from the water and helps improve the water quality in the pond. And the floating wetland is a very good outdoor classroom for students and residents to learn about how you can use plants to treat the water."

The pond was built in the 1990s and serves as a stormwater collection pond. It takes in rainwater runoff from the surrounding areas, which is then pumped to the Upper Seletar Reservoir for storage and treatment.