Sunday, January 28, 2018

First Sketchwalk of the Year


It is customary for Urban Sketchers Singapore to visit Chinatown near Chinese New Year for our sketchwalk. It was a huge turn-out for this first sketchwalk of the year. This year it will be year of the dog and the dog sculptures are up already at Chinatown. The are few dogs and they are very skinny. Some said they look more like fox.

We were lucky to find a cool spot next to the main road to sketch. I also had a chance to witness how the organiser placed the road barricades a day before and pushed them all the way out to re-direct the traffic just after lunchtime. A man was also seen to carry a sign that read "Please move on when pedestrain crossing is green" It should be spelled as pedestrian.

People are working hard for the Chinatown light up on this night for preparation of Chinese New Year. Hopefully there will be no rain!