Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Singapore Airport


On 8 Dec 2017, I did a sketch at Changi Airport Terminal 2 when we checked in very early to get our dinner at around 6:00pm. Our SilkAir flight to Hyderabad was 8:00pm. I was having Japanese noodle while my husband had his local food from Old Chang Kee. I also had a signature Old Change Kee curry puff as I would most likely be missing local food for the whole of next week in India. From our table we could see Gate E and F, a big yellow sign "F30" was painted on the floor with airplanes of Singapore Airline and SilkAir moving in and out from this area. SilkAir is Singapore Airlines' regional arm and I love the logos of these two air crafts. I do hope they are doing well to fly the Singapore flag high in the aviation world for our future generations of Singaporeans.