Friday, December 29, 2017

Day Four Afternoon


We were given two villages to visit on day four, after leaving our host, our driver brought us to V Square for lunch where we met other groups when we were about to leave for Sakhamuru palem. We were not given a contact at Sakhamuru so our driver gave us a ride to the small village. The view unfolded in our eyes when we entered the village was spectacular as we were greeted by a beautiful lake and lush vegetation. I sat under a big tree and sketched this scene directly oppostie the lake. A big star adorned the church at the far end signalling X'mas would be here soon. I noticed in this village a tall water tower on the right, water tank in the middle and a new water supply station on the left so water resources management could be an important and vital issue. Hopefully the new Amaravati city will have new and modern infrastructure to benefit the future generations of all the villages we visited.

Sakhamuru Palem was a small village but the villagers were so friendly. The kids surrounded us when they returned home after their school hours but they were all very well behaved. One elderly man came to us and said he was one of the landowners in the first group that visited Singapore. That must be in late November. Suddenly I felt we were so small in this universe but somehow we were connected in some way. So surreal but true.