Thursday, December 28, 2017

Day Four - 11 Dec 2017

This is a sketch of Sivalayam Temple where I got my bindi at Nelapadupalem.

Our host is Mr Rama Rao Dhanekula at Nelapadupalem. He did not respond to my What'sApp message so our driver asked along the way when we reached the village. It turned out that he was at the construction site just adjacent to the small village where there was some kind of ceremony or walk-about with so many cars, local officials, people, camera men and media on site. We met the Minister inside his car just when he was about to leave the site. There was car leading us to the house of our host and we had a very entertaining session with him and his guests. One gentleman led us to the temple and we started sketching after visiting the priest at the temple. It was such a special and wonderful cultural experience for us to go through the simple prayer session and got the bindi on my forehead. Bindi is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration and it also represents the third eye.