Friday, September 12, 2014

Day 2 of Symposium - Beautiful Cais Paraty


These are schooner boats turned leisure boats for hire at Paraty Pier. They are in candy colours - pink, purple, sky blue, turquoise, lime etc.

The Pier or Cais Paraty is next to Santa Rita church. This old church dates back to 1722 and stands beautifully against the backdrop of the lush, green hills. It was drizzling and I had my poncho while Liz Steel and the participants in her workshop next to the church were looking for corners to hide from the cold wind and rain drops while sketching the church surroundings. While I was sketching, I witnessed how cars and people trying to avoid the flood water that was just in front of me. People just took out their shoes while not many cars drove through the flood waters. Drivers reversed their cars before making a U-turn and disappeared very quickly in front of me. HA!