Tuesday, March 12, 2013

another Monastery

130224_Wat Buppharam 130224_Wat BuppharamMonastery
Day 2 - 1st and 2nd pieces.

left - This is the Monastery area at Wat Buppharam. As the monks had been informed of our sketching activity, they left us alone but a few came standing behind us and watched for a short while. Again, I had to sketch the attractive overhead cables, they were all over the city. I also noticed there were many stray dogs around but they were well taken care of by the monks.

right - On the left is a bell tower, not very tall but I was intrigued by the small gap between the bell tower and a old charming house with large roof overhang. There was a man who came down of the stairs and entered the room on the left of the bell tower. It must be a very very small room probably only 2m x 2m.

Size : 254mm x 178mm or 10" x 7"
Medium : ink and watercolour