Saturday, April 16, 2011

Singapore Biennale 2011



IMG_4590 110414_kallang_exteriorphoto
IMG_4602 110414_Kallang_photo

Only photo from right bottom was taken from local papers The Straits Times, Friday 15 April 2011. I was there during the downpour. I was sitting at the far left end wall.

"A staff of Toast Box cafe at Old Kallang Airport about to wade through ankle-deep water after the place was hit by a flood yesterday when drains along Stadium Link leading to Old Kallang Airport Road overflowed."
by Fiona Low, ST

"The daily double whammy of sweltering noon heat, followed by intense thunderstorms later in the day, can be expected until June as Singapore goes through what is known as the inter-monsoon season.

Heavy rains in the late afternoon yesterday caused minor flooding in several areas. Drains along Stadium Links leading to Old Kallang Airport Road overflowed. Parts of the East Coast Parkway and Tampines Expressway were also afftected.

At Old Kallang Airport, several areas were flooded with ankle-deep water. The site is one of the venues for this year's Singapore Biennale and sees more than 400 visitors daily.

Staff from Toast Box cafe there said the outlet had experienced about three floods in the past week though yesterday's situation was the most serious. "