Tuesday, March 01, 2011

a sketch on wood firing day

P1050110 P1050112 P1050109

A sketch done on 26 Feb 2011 while the rest of the sketchers were at Raffles Place sketching the skyline of Singapore. I was firing the 6th and 7th stoke holes since 6.20am till the helpers came at around 11am to take over my shift. Thanks Red Herring who came as early as 6.30am to help out and later watched while I sketched this piece. Shyam, Ruiku, Xinwei and Madhu also arrived later and sketched under the hot and humid weather.

This may be one of the last few wood firing sessions as this area is earmarked for the development of a CleanTech Park. To date, the authorities involved in the project have not been forthcoming on how the development will affect the dragon kiln. Will this historic dragon kiln be kept intact and preserved for posterity or will it be demolished in the name of economic development? More details on our pottery blog.