Saturday, February 12, 2011

Kandahar Street

110212_Kampong Glam_Kandahar Street

Seven of us went to Kampong Glam to sketch this morning. I had sketches on this neighbourhood here, here, here and here but today it was the first time I did a loose piece on a bigger format 200x400mm in ink and watercolours. This shophouse at Kandahar Street was very unique that its building typology stood out from the usual shophouse facade design. It had a projection on the upper floor and a semicircular roof parapet wall. The projection appeared to be out of the boundary line and why it was the only one allowed to be built in this way? The weather was so hot that the shadow was so strong and the image of the building was reflected so clearly on the car bonnet next to us. By the time I completed the sketch, the shade that we were sitting moved away. It was hot hot hot that I had to leave!

IMG_3400 IMG_3393