Monday, February 22, 2010

Sultan Mosque on a hot day

I did a black and white sketch on Sultan Mosque last Jan here. Last Saturday I did another quick postcard size watercolour piece as I arrived late at the Mosque. When the bird shit landed on the top left corner of the watercolour piece, we had to leave and find a place to rest as the weather was unbearably hot and humid. We went to chill at the near-by cafe called FIKA, a halal Swedish cafe. We were eating, chatting, drinking and sketching for another 2 to 3 hours. Oh yes, let me introduce the new sketching team formed by the ex-students of mine - from the left in the picture outside the Mosque - Zaihan, Nori, Ridwan, and Lawrence. Shu Shen, also an ex-student, joined later. Gus, a friend of the group was seen here in blue T-shirt also joined in the fun. We were very proud of the last photo with all the sketchbooks placed on the table and we called them 'fruits of labour'.

100220_mosque IMG_7320
IMG_7318 IMG_7330