Sunday, September 26, 2010

wayang sketch


Last Friday, I visited another Wayang with a few photographer friends. They took a lot of nice photos of me. Thank you Dan, Carol, Yi Chao, Dr Teh and Shiang Hoong. The photos above were taken by Carol.

Wayang, is a Malay term often referred to Chinese opera troupe. I visited one during the Chinese Hungry Ghost Month and I did a quick black and white sketch on the backstage. This time, it was a different troupe performing for the heavenly god on a temporary stage inside a temple compound opposite block 153 at Serangoon North Avenue 1.

I did a watercolour piece in front of the stage. There were less than twenty people in the audience and they were all senior citizens. I went to the backstage later to show the performers my sketch and again I was worried I might be intruding into their private space. I met and took a photo with Stacy Ong, one of the youngest members of the troupe. She told me she has a day job and is still supporting the family at night by performing in different roles on stage. It must be very tiring for her and I wish her the best of health and happiness.

Ink and Watercolour 400mm x 200mm.