Monday, June 28, 2010

Tanjong Pagar Railway Station

100626_Railway Station Interior
On 24 May, 2010, the leaders of Singapore and Malaysia agreed to move the Tanjong Pagar Railway Station from Tanjong Pagar to Woodlands, near the border by the 1 July 2011. It is a significant news because the land occupied by the Railway Station and the long railway tracks belong to Malaysia on Singapore soil. The sensitive talk about swapping the land parcels between two countries is once again in the media again but this time in a more positive tone. Read here.

Since the announcement, many photographers flocked to this place trying to capture the mood and feeling of the place. We, the sketchers were there on last Saturday morning making our presence felt with our pens and brushes. Tanjong Pagar Railway Station was built in 1932, the architecture is said to be influenced by the architect of Finland's Helsinki Station, Eliel Saarinen. On this station's entrance and waiting hall shows four reliefs of white marble, allegories of Agriculture, Industry, Commerce and Transport. They are works by Rudolfo Nolli.

These were drawn on folded watercolour paper of 200gm/sqm and fountain pen with Noodler's ink. Below are some photos on the sketchwalk which caught the attention of the public in the station main hall.

100626_groupsketch7 100626_groupsketch1 100626_groupsketch6
100626_groupsketch4 100626_lunch2