Saturday, June 12, 2010

Clothes 82


Block 82, corner of Tiong Poh Road and Eng Watt Street at Tiong Bahru. This view with the clothes drying outside the window has been a common feature opposite the corner coffee shop selling the famous porridge. The splashed sepia tone was the black coffee I ordered from the shop. The act of pouring coffee on the spot caught the attention of a family of four sitting directly next to my table - a mother with 3 children who were throwing abusive words at each others. The mother was brave enough not to cause further distraught but repeatedly urging the children to stop talking. At one point, the two girls - one teenager and the other in primary school level almost got off their seats and started to throw the food at each other, oh dear, why it had to come to this stage?

What a relief when the children stopped the noise and looked towards my direction as I splashed the coffee on the paper. They left before I completed the piece as a happy family.