Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At a Seminar

I attended a seminar on 'Meaningful Designs: An Elderly Perspective' last Friday afternoon organised by >60 Design Centre. This student was seen recording the proceedings.

The >60 Design Centre aims to generate public and industry interest in designing for the silver market through seminars, workshops and conferences. The Centre also works with the industry to develop products for the local as well as the global markets.

I am already actively involved with the elderly folks considering I have four ageing parents to take care of. My father-in-law had a major heart operation and my mother has bow legs. She was dignosed with osteoporosis many years ago. When she fell and fractured her thight two years ago, she spent a few months in hospital and went through countless physiotherapy sessions. We also installed grab bars everywhere at her residence, bought exercise machines and other health care products such as walking aids, portable toilet seat, hearing aids to enhance her quality of life. Today, if she is not playing with her two young grandchildren, she is playing her favourite tetris game on the game boy.