Sunday, December 07, 2008

Boat Quay at Singapore River

Boat Quay, Singapore

This watercolor measuring 60x35cm was done on location before Boat Quay was rejuvenated. These bumboats have since disappeared and the buildings housed many pubs, cafe and restaurants. Boat Quay is now a happening place and you can take a a ride down Singapore River in one of these water taxis converted from the traditional bumboats.

Boat Quay, Singapore River

Modern skyscrapers form the backdrop for the row of refurbished shophouses at Boat Quay along Singapore River. I love to stroll along this historical quay which is now a popular afresco dining place for the office executives working in the skyscrapers as well as the locals and the tourists.

This is also a A2 size drawing of boat quay. Can't find the original. My location sketches are normally A3 or smaller. This is a rare A2 drawing. I remember I did it as a demonstration to a group of first year design students. Well, it is time to organize my thoughts and things.

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