Tuesday, April 21, 2020


Day 15 CIRCUIT•sketch•BREAK
So I started this and completed this corner of my bedroom. The classic lamp was the precious wedding gift by my classmates from School of Architecture. The SG book of A to Z is for my 9-month old grandson. A is for aunties and C is for chilli crab. Uniquely Singapore.

A - Aunties
B - Botanic Garden
C - Chilli Crab
D - Durian
E - East Coast
F - Fullerton
G - Gecko
H - Hawker Stall
I - Ice Kacang
J - Jurong Bird Park
K - Kopi
L - Lanterns
M - Merlion
N - National Day
O - Orchard Road
P - Peranakan
Q - Quays
R - Religions
S - Shophouses
T - Trishaw
U - Umbrellas
V - Void Deck
W - Wet Market
X - Xiao Long Bao
Y - Yellow Flame Tree
Z - Zoo