Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Prawirotaman Traditional Market

Day one, 22 March. In the early morning, Lin, George, myself and husband were in Jogja earlier before the gang so we visited Prawirotaman traditional market. It was full of life, taste, smell and colours. Motorbikes lined up along the street with very small gaps for us to walk. The entrance of the market laid a rock against a green wall and the statue of a soldier to mark a historical event.

Walking past this entrance, the area behind the market had many hostels, homestay and hotels with affordable prices.

We found Via Via restaurant down the street and I bought a bag made of recycled truck tires from retail shop after getting the refreshing local drinks at Via Via. It was a very fruitful morning with a sketch done opposite the market. It was also the first sketch on a new self-made Saunders Waterford concertina sketchbook.