Friday, April 05, 2019

First Night Sketch

Day one, 22 March. Most of the sketchers from Singapore were in Jogja from 22 to 24 March for the weekend because of work. My institution was having a semester end vacation so I could extend my stay in Jogja from 21 to 26 March. I called 21 March Day Zero so 22 March was Day one when most of the sketchers arrived.

We met at 2pm in the hotel and it started pouring when we wanted to go to Tama Sari to sketch the Water Castle but it was raining and drizzling non-stop. We ended up in Plasa Pasar Ngasem for a group photo after sipping coffee and sketching at the near-by Water Castle Cafe operated by a very nice family with 90-year-old grand mother and grandchildren all involved in art, music and cafe business in the vicinity.

I did a sketch outside the water castle when it was closed at 4pm before meeting up with the group at the cafe under the wet weather. We headed toward Malioboro and it was getting darker and darker. For a very long time, this should be my first night sketch ever and it was done in Yogyakarta at the junction of Jalan Malioboro and Jalan Raya Jogja on Bank of Indonesia with the Post Office on the right of the sketch.