Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tampines Sketches

I am sketching Tampines Town for a project and it was a very enjoyable and rewarding experience to sketch these three different locations in Tampines on three separate days.

The Watermelon playground situated behind Blk 858 of Tampines Avenue 5 is one of the second generation of old playgrounds designed by Housing and Development Board in the shape of tropical fruits.

Second sketch is the Tampines Round Market at 137 Tampines Street 11. In the photo on the left, these two nice and talented helpers are from the Philippines and Vietnam I met at the shop opposite the market. Both speak Mandarin (with Malaysian slang), Singlish, a little Malay and even Hokkien to the uncles that walk past. Impressive!

The last sketch is Tampines Central seen from the comfortable interior at Kopitiam at Tampines One around 5:30pm during the golden hour.