Sunday, December 31, 2017

Day Five Afternoon


We decided to travel as the same group and explore Mangalagiri in the afternoon. It was an eye opener to witness how the workers here operated the hand-looms to make sarees in the dug trenches into the ground. Yes, they did not sit on the ground or the chairs but slip their legs into a trench in the ground. It was cooler and save the ceiling space in this way. The workers were paid $500 Rupees or $10 SGD for a saree which took two consecutive days to complete. I didn't think I was able to work in that kind of environment with repetitive movement and noise for even a few hours. Complete a sketch was already an difficult task with constant bombardment of repetitive sound from the hand looms. It certainly was not music to the ears but visual treat to the eyes with so many colours from the textiles on the hand looms and the costumes worn by the workers.