Thursday, October 27, 2016

Huge mural project

Photo Credit: Yuen Kit Mun

100% made in Singapore. We have the capability. Now everybody knows about it, this is my contribution. it's a huge mural panel at Basement 2, Centrepoint Mall. First of its kind in material and size because it is direct digital print on aluminium panels. No, I did not paint this on site. You can see it once you enter the mall from the MRT station via 313@Sommerset. I will need time to do the documentation on processes later.

Other artists who are involved in this are: Francis Theo, Ignatius Yeo and Tony Chua, all members of Urban Sketchers Singapore but this is not an Urban Sketchers project, it all started from a story line like this: Once upon a time, TIA met up with her old schoolmate from School of Architecture at Temesek Poly.......