Friday, April 03, 2015

Have you signed up?

Have you signed up for the 6th International Urban Sketchers Symposium?


Workshops and activities (including demos and lectures) are listed below, along with the instructors’ names. Instructor bios and descriptions of the workshops and activities will be linked below, so check back for more information.

The Schedule, which will be published April 10, will have more information about several Sketchwalks being offered as part of the programming.


Workshop A: Playing with Light and Shadow – Behzad Bagheri, Iran
Workshop B: Extending and Expanding: Combining Multiple Sheets of Paper to Capture Large Scenes – Ch’ng Kiah Kiean, Malaysia
Workshop C: Architectural Sketching: Composition and Perspective – Frank Ching, USA
Workshop D: Exploration in Expressive Watercolor through Shape and Value – Gail Wong, USA
Workshop E: Thin Line, Bold Sketch – Inma Serrano and Miguel Herranz, Spain
Workshop F: Capturing Singapore’s Lively Urban Spaces – James Richards, USA
Workshop G: All You Can See: 180° Sketching – Lapin, Spain
Workshop H: Pointless Perspective and Coloured Shapes: A Practical Approach to Creating Three Dimensional Architectural Form – Liz Steel, Australia
Workshop I: Sketching the Sketchers – Marc Holmes, Canada
Workshop J: The Structure of Light in Watercolor – Matthew Brehm, USA
Workshop K: Face the City! Portraits of the City through its Inhabitants – Marina Grechanik and Ea Ejersbo, Israel and Denmark
Workshop L: Found In Translation: The Influence of Calligraphy in the Figure and Environment – Melanie Reim, USA
Workshop M: Light in the Spaces Between: A Watercolor Workshop – Nina Johansson, Sweden
Workshop N: From Thumbnail to Big Picture: Using Little Strokes to Compose your Sketches – Norberto Dorantes, Argentina
Workshop O: Sketchpedition – Sanjeev Joshi, India
Workshop P: Big Brush Colour: Capturing that First Impression – Shari Blaukopf, Canada
Workshop Q: A Collective Reportage: Religions and Popular Devotion in Multicultural Singapore – Simo Capecchi, Italy
Workshop R: Capturing Chaos: Drawing a Crowd – Suhita Shirodkar, USA
Workshop S: The Urban Sketchers Cookbook – Veronica Lawlor, USA
Workshop T: Light and Dark with a Punch of Color – Virginia Hein, USA

Activities, Demos, and Lectures:

Activity 1: Street Food Sketching – Anita Ryanto, Singapore
Activity 2: Less is More: Black, Brown and White! – Delphine Priollaud, France
Activity 3: Visit to Bynd Artisan and Book Binding – Patrick Ng, Singapore
Activity 4: Wet and Wild with Textures – Paul Wang, Singapore
Activity 5: The Singapore Diaries: Your Story of the Symposium – Richard Alomar, USA
Activity 6: Diving into Digital Sketching – Rob Sketcherman, Hong Kong
Activity 7: Putting the ‘Urban’ in Urban Sketching – Suma CM, USA
Activity 8: Sketching the Colourful Cultural Activities – Tia Boon Sim, Singapore
Activity 9: The Big Crit – Various Instructors
Demo 1: Guan Gong Dao: How to Make and Sketch with a Folded Pen – Ignatius Yeo, Singapore
Demo 2: Inky Fingers: Pen, Brush, Inks, Line and Lettering – Jane Blundell, Australia
Demo 3: Understanding Color – Jane Blundell, Australia
Demo 4: Seasoning the Shadows with Primary Colors – Kumi Matsukawa, Japan
Demo 5: Atmospheric Expressions in Watercolor – Khoo Cheang Jin, Malaysia
Demo 6: Capturing Mood in Watercolor Sketches – Zhu Hong, Singapore
Lecture 1: Drawing for Publication: The Triumphs and Tribulations of a Newspaper Sketch-Columnist – Gabi Campanario, USA
Lecture 2: Sketching as a Tool for Field Study – Luisa Hung WanLu, Malaysia
Lecture 3: How to Run a Successful Local Urban Sketchers Group – Mark Leibowitz, USA
Lecture 4: Animating my Life – Nino Puriando, Indonesia
Lecture 5: The Sketchbook: From Explorer to Guide – Richard Alomar, USA
Lecture 6: Good Bones: An Interactive Lecture – Stephanie Bower, USA