Thursday, November 28, 2013

November Sketchwalk at Punggol

Yep, I know it's pretty far for most people. But this is a great excuse to go there and check out this new park.

At 9:30AM, we will meet at the entrance of the park marked with the red X. To get there, you take a train to Punggol MRT station and take an LRT to Damai Station one stop away. The Waterway Park will be 5mins away. Alternatively, you can walk from Punggol MRT Station which is about 10-15min walk. From the last time I was there, there is a coffeeshop below a block of flats at Damai Station. You can have your breakfast there.

At 9:30AM, we will do a quick brief and you can enter the park and either choose to move in the left of right direction. And then make a roundabout on the other side of the river to come back. Every part has different features so have fun exploring. I've been there once and found it to be a very nice park. It's also long. I didn't manage to cover everything. Certainly worth going there. If you cycle, perhaps you might want to bring your bike.

At 12.30PM, we will meet back at the meeting point for show and tell. If it rains, we will find shelter nearby.

Punggol doesn't have too many food options. For lunch, you could eat at the coffeeshop near Damai Stn, or pack your own sandwiches. I heard that if you take the LRT to Rivera stn (3 stops away), there are cafes and eateries there (eg. Popeyes).

It will be easy to find us if you are late. Just look for people with sketchbooks anywhere and everywhere along the Waterway. Call me at 91070735 if you are absolutely and totally lost. But please try not to call me as I will be busy drawing. Thanks.

More information on directions are found in this blog: