Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oct Sketchwalk

The sketchwalk location with the highest votes this month is Labrador Park. We will meet at 930AM outside the park exit of Labrador Park MRT station (See location HERE). Tia will be the organiser this time, so look out for her or a large number of sketchers there. If we are not there, head into the park to find us.

At 930AM sharp, we will walk into Labrador park and you can spread out wherever you like. Explore the different parts of the park. There is also the broadwalk (see map, outlined in pink) that will lead you to keppel bay where you can draw sailboats. If it rains, there are shelters around the park.

At 12.30PM sharp, please be at the show+tell point (see marked spot on map) where we will gather, look at the sketches for the day and take pictures. From there you are free to go for lunch. You could walk along the broadwalk to Vivo City or to ARC (mainly fastfood) near Labrador MRT station.

Don't miss out the Giveaway Contest for the Labrador Park Sketchwalk sponsored by Parka.