Thursday, September 26, 2013

September Sketchwalk

We're going to explore this quaint old place, and see what's become of it and its surroundings after the decommissioning of the Malayan Railway in Singapore.

Make sure to bring water and a hat to keep cool, and put on a bug repellant band so you don't get bitten.

Meet at the station building at 4.30pm. Then we are free to roam the vicinity. Please meet back the same place for show and tell. If it gets too dark, we can all walk back to King Albert Park Mall for show and tell. We can all have dinner at McDonalds.

Favian has suggested a few areas we can sketch:
1) Bkt timah rail station (of course!)
2) King Albert Park MacDonald's etc (before it's demolished!)
3) Bkt Timah Rail Bridge (if it is still there)
4) Bkt Timah Shopping Centre, Beauty World (old school malls!)

Or you can just stay around to sketch the former station building.

I would suggest sketchers to do something different this time. Say, sketch with a different medium, or sketch large format. If you are used to sketching A4 size, maybe try A3 this time or something bigger like A2. If you are up for the challenge.

PS: For those who are driving, please park at King Albert Park, and then walk to the station. See map for direction. I have also included the buses you can take to come here for those who are using public transport

You may download the map and print to refer later. We will keep you posted if there is any change to the plan.