Saturday, August 17, 2013


I finally find time to scan the sketches of my Spain trip in July. We only have two days in Madrid. We arrived in Madrid via express train from Sevilla and it took only two and a half hour. A week later, a train from the same company Refen derailed due to high speed at a curve bend and it took 78 lives and many more injuries towards Santiago, another city in the northe west of Spain. It did send a chill to my spine for a short while when I heard the news.

Madrid's weather was hot hot hot felt like 38 to 40 deg C. I was totally unproductive under this kind of weather condition even I came from the hot and humid Singapore. The weather was so hot and dry that I develop heat rashes after Granada.

We planned to stay indoor in the afternoon so visits to musuems seemed to be the right thing to do. We visited Muse del Prado the moment we arrived at the hotel with Rafael, a Spainish sketcher we met in Singapore. It was a blessing to have Rafael traveled with us in Madrid due to the language barrier. He was a very good art guide for all the works display in the Prado Museum.

We also visited Centre de Arte Beina Sofia which housed the contemporary works including the largest Dali show in the world. The tickets were sold out for Dali show so we could only be contended with the permanents exhibits, a futuristic lovely cafe, the standard museum store and a chic cosy bookstore when I bought the last A6 Moleskine Japanese Sketchbook.