Thursday, May 30, 2013

The day I lost my tools

UntitledThis sketch took me 30 seconds but my loss on that day is forever!

I did this sketch at School of the Arts (SOTA)to illustrate to my students how to select the location, see the space and start sketching. I took out a foundtain pen - Hero M86 with the black Noodler's ink from my Muji pencil case. I must have left the pencil case on the floor or somewhere instead of putting it back to my bag immediately. I could not find my pencil case the next day! So sad!

My son who is a SOTA student helped me to locate the lost pencil case in the following days. I also searched my car from front to back, from top to bottom. Alas! It is gone forever! I have 2 Hero M578 with "spirit of bamboo" Noodler's ink and 1 more Hero M86 with the black ink plus a travel set Escoda brush. ALL GONE!

However, I lost more important personal stuff in the office last Novmember due to someone's negligence and incompetence. I could have sued the management. However, I learnt to protect myself for not allowing the pain of loss to set in, I also learnt to move on and seek happiness and not to look back at my loss. Instead, I focus on the good time we spent together. Bye, my M86, M578 and the brush. You have served me well. I miss you all.