Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day 4 - Tiger China House, Penang

Koh Lay Huan House, 25 China Street.

350 x 350mm ink and watercolour.

Visited this beautiful big conservation house with the Penang sketchers. It is a private home of Rebecca Wilkinson and we were so honoured to be given the permission to sketch the interiors with the help from Gwynn and Li Jynn. I was so overwhelmed with the spaces and the furnishings that I forgot our mission - to sketch.

When I toured the house and finally settled down to a spot, others had already started and got into the groove of sketching. Perhaps I was a little too ambitious to sketch on the big format so I decided to capture the mood to give it a 'sense of place' - a very unique place indeed.

more info on on their website here.