Monday, May 27, 2013

Block 75 at Commonwealth Drive

IMG_0148I went around to take pictures of the sketchers on the day of Queenstown sketchwalk and I had to leave early for family lunch, so I did not do any sketches on that Saturday. The following day, I did one sketch of block 75 and 77 cluster at Commonwealth Drive after the Queenstown Symposium held at the Queenstown Community Centre from 2 to 5.30pm. It was sketched from 2nd level of the carpark near the new block 54. These type of HDB blocks with the open staircases at both ends of the block were widely featured in stamps, coins and notes. I quite like the design, proportion and layout of these early HDB blocks.

My fifth aunt and her family used to live at block 77 which is the block on the right facing block 75. I remember very clearly there was a bread factory on the ground floor and I was fascinated by the bread making process by a few old uncles who spoke Hainanese.