Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gillman Barracks

We explored Gillman Barracks for our Sketchwalk on last Saturday of March. The complex was first built in 1936 as an military camp but it went through a few changes. I remember one my my engineer friends invested in this entire place and converted it into a eating and entertainment enclaves in the late 80s. We tried to support by having parties and visited the famous "Kar Soh Fish Head Soup" a few times. However, the location was too remote for people like us staying in the east. I heard it was really tough for the operators then. Now, this place has transformed yet again into a latest contemporary art destination in Singapore.

We were there at 9:30am in the morning and the place was totally deserted although it hailed to create a vibrant arts scene made up of museums, galleries. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the vast space, the lush greenery and the great company sketching together. I did two pieces on my newly acquired sketchbook bought in Bangkok for only 300bht or S$4.00. One sketch was done at block 22 overlooking block 9 and the other piece was done near the big banyan trees outside Masons, block 8.

Size : 160mm x 300mm
Media : ink and watercolour