Thursday, February 07, 2013

Back to Berlin Wall in Singapore

This is the Berlin Wall in Bedok Reserviour Park today. I did a sketch on 21 Jan 2011 on the same location. The difference is that the trees have grown taller and there is now a bistro on the left. I went there for a coffee only to find out that it opened from 5pm to 11pm.
More on the unveiling of the Berlin Wall here.

From my last post:

Bedok Reservoir near my work place is really quiet during lunch hours. There are four panels of Berlin Wall enclosed in a glass box in this circular pavilion. I thought something of this significant nature should be displayed in the busy city area for more people to see. On the panels, there are the pictures of two kings, one smiling, one sad, drawn by grafitti artist Dennis Kaun in the weeks following the fall of the Wall. This motif of the two kings has been repeatedly painted and repainted on the Berlin Wall long before it fell. They are called "Kings of Freedom".

The day the panels were unveiled, the authority said this would be an attractive spot in the park and a bistro will be built as an extension to the Berlin Wall installation. One year has passed and there is still no sign of the bistro.

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