Monday, January 07, 2013

Day 2 at Jiufen, Taipei

121227_Jiufen2We arrived in Taipei on 26 Dec 2012 and we visited the popular Shilin night market to eat to our heart's content. The place was so crowded and the food place was smelly but I did like it, it is the smell of Taiwan!

Day 2 in Taipei, we traveled to a famous small town called Jiufen on the eastern side of the island. We took the public bus it was very comfortable until the bus reached the railway train station and picked up all the tourists heading for Jiufen. I was looking for a restroom and found this cafe overlooking the sea. Had a cup of aromatic coffee and did a sketch. I remember I was very pleased with the piece when I completed it on location. Sketching really lifted my spirit. Yay!

A second sketch was done at the teahouse which was the movie set for the famous local film that gave Jiufen the fame. We had our lunch here and the owner repeatedly told visitors about the stories of the place and his 100-year old timber furniture.

The weather was gorgeous. We bought two bags and a few tees made of Jeans designed by the shop owner, a fashion designer. He had two shops called Cool Jeans opposite each other.