Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hong Kong long sketches

I used the Moleskine Japanese sketchbook for my recent Hong Kong trip from 10 to 14 Nov 2012. It was perfect for the short trip as I managed to complete the sketchbook while capturing mainly indoor scenes when having my meals. I had no time for outdoor sketches except one in Macau in the middle of the crowded street and that one was done in less than 10 minutes.

I also brought my newly acquired Sakura brush pens but sadly left them on the plane together with my favourite pencil soft case which was with me for almost 30 years. I used only brush pens in various colours on day one drawing scenes from the airport, at the boarding lounge and inside the plane. Then the rest of the pages were filled with tip pens I bought in Hong Kong except for two which I used my reliable Hero fountain pens.

As they are not readily available in any stationery or art supply stores, the moment I got back home from Hong Kong, I rushed to the same shop and bought exactly the same set of brush pens. For now, my only regret is loosing my favourite pencil soft case.

You can see the details of the long sketchbook on my flickr.