Monday, July 16, 2012

night activities

Together with Dr Gwynn Jenkins of Equator Academic of Art, Penang, Liu Wen Xiang from Taipei, I was giving a talk on the first night at the event "Sketching George Town" in conjunction with George Town Heritage Festival. This is the sketch on second night whereby Ch'ng Kiah Kien from Penang was giving a talk. Another speaker was Asnee from Bangkok.

After the talk, we went to Red Garden for what else, local food! There were tourists from Taiwan kept giving garlands to this male singer on the stage. I was told the garlands were tips for the singer and they were to be exchanged for cash for the singer after the show. I was using a new pen, a gift from Jayson Yeoh from Penang. The pen was a Gel Ink Pen from China called "Veiao" model V-118, very smooth and fluid. A little too fluid for my liking.