Monday, May 21, 2012

$uper $ingapore $ale Exhibition at ION Art Gallery

Evite-LRThe exhibition, scheduled to coincide with the start of the annual Great Singapore Sale, aims to bring relevancy to the lifestyles of the general public. Organized by Galerie Sogan & Art, the exhibition features works by the popular Urban Sketchers Singapore, which include Tia Boon Sim, Paul Wang, Dengcoy Miel and Don Low among others. Three Singapore women artists, Xin Xiaochang, Sarah Choo and Guo Yixiu will also participate. And in line with the spirit of the actual sale event, which attracts guests from around the region, the gallery is also inviting and established Indonesian fashion photographer, Marsio Juwono; along with two Filipino artists, Anton Del Castilo and Oscar Floirendo, renowned for their three-dimensional works. Using familiar everyday scenes in their art, the artists share their views on living in a society full of material excesses. Inspired by their love for shopping and other personal experiences, the artists weave their observations and present a commentary of Singapore’s rising consumerism in a funny, narrative, expressive, amusing, sarcastic but light-hearted manner. Exhibition runs through 3 June, 2012.

Come and be my guests! See you!