Friday, May 25, 2012

May Sketchwalk at Toa Payoh

DATE: 26th MAY 2012

TIME: 930AM - 1230PM

MEETING POINT: Old Chang Kee outside the Toa Payoh MRT stn (see map)

END POINT: Same as meeting point at 12.30pm for show and tell.

This sketchwalk will be a bit special.

Epigram, a really good design company, will be working with us to come up with a series of books written/designed by them and drawn entirely by us. These books will focus on various neighbourhoods in Singapore. One book for each neighbourhood. In a way, it will be a sequel to our Urbansketchers Singapore book with URA. This first book by Epigram will be about Toa Payoh. We will hand out a map to you this Saturday morning with target spots marked. You will have to split yourselves up, treat it like a scavenger hunt, go out and find those spots, and draw them the best you can.

Only the best drawings will be featured in the book. Epigram will be curating and deciding what goes in. If your drawing makes it into the book, you will be given 1 complimentary copy + 40% off if you buy an additional book from them. If they pick 3 or more drawing from you, you will get 2 complimentary copies. That is all. No royalties, just to be clear. You will be credited. And you will keep the full copyrights to your own work. Epigram will bear the full cost of the printing and distribution, as well as handle the writing, designing, and researching the good locations to cover in each neighbourhood. Our part is to just do what we do best, sketching on location.

If your drawing does not make it into the book, no stress, you can always try again the next month. If you don't wish to submit your work, it is fine too. Just join us for sketchwalk as per normal and enjoy yourself.

We will need 50-60 drawings for each book. And we will have about 50 spots to cover so we will be splitting the Toa Payoh into 2 sessions. This saturday, we will be covering the Toa Payoh central area, the Sports complex and some other areas nearby. Spots to cover may include famous stalls, buildings, and other iconic locations in the neighbourhood. It will be clearer when you get the map.

We don't want all of you drawing the same angle and same scene. So please spread out and capture fresh angles that others are not doing. 2 or 3 sketchers can do the same scene but that will mean only 1 or 2 will get chosen.

We want a book that captures the feel and essence of Toa Payoh. It's an intimate look at Toa Payoh, so we encourage you to capture people, cats, dogs, signboards, views from higher levels, an old keymaker, ANYTHING that captures the life in Toa Payoh and what makes Toa Payoh, Toa Payoh. We are not restricted to buildings since this is not a URA book. You are also welcomed to come down between sketchwalks to cover more spots on your own time.

Oh, if you are new to the group, yes, you can submit your work just like the rest of us.

1) All pictures need to be scanned hi-res 350dpi (for A5 and bigger drawings). If your picture is smaller (eg.A6), scan it at 600dpi so it can be blown up further. 

2) Save them in .jpg format. 

3) Upload them to using WeTransfer or YouSendIt (They are free large file transfer services)

4) Send them to

If you don't own a scanner, you can hand me or Zaihan the originals after the sketchwalk. But please note your name and number on the back. We will scan them and return them to you. 

If you have any questions, you can call me, Andrew at 91070735.
Let's do our best, have fun and get this book series going! See you this saturday!