Saturday, April 07, 2012

sketching with friends

Sketching with friends at Vivo City, we had lots of fun. The sketch below was done at the crowded food court called Banquet in the basement floor, may be it was Good Friday holiday too. There were two ladies at this table then it came another two more senior ladies with their food. I added the lady on the left so you see lines on her head. Banquet is a halal food court so there are many Muslim women wearing hijab, or the headscarf. We later moved to Pacific Coffee at the upper floor of Vivo city. The European man with the beard was nice to let us share the sofa seat with him. I sketched him while he was reading the newspaper. He left his newspaper behind and our friend, Ban Pang said it's the sign to say "I will be back!" Benedick was sitting next to him so I sketched him to give the sketch a foreground.