Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Intan

We had an unique experience last Saturday at The Intan, a private Peranakan Museum in Joo Chiat Terrace. Intan is Malay word for "rose-cut-diamond". Alvin Mark Yapp, the owner gave us a very animated brief history of Peranakan culture and heritage. He is an avid collector for all things Peranakan, so he has so many pairs of Nonya slippers, tassels, jewelry, bowls, teacups on display. There are also big furniture items such as alters, cabinets, big candle stands, tables and chairs. When I entered the house, first thing that caught my eyes was that every step of the staircase was adorned with a 3-tier tiffin and a spittoon decorated with Peranakan motifs such as flowers, leaves, animals and bright colours which are often complimentary and loud.

If you are interested to find out more, click The Intan. Below are some photos taken at The Intan.

120414_Intan_photo2 120414_Intan_photo3