Saturday, March 31, 2012

Marusui Fish Market at Vivo City

120330_marusuifish_photoTonight was Japanese meal at Vivo City for me, not once but twice, all because I wanted to do a sketch at Marusui Fish Market. I had an expensive meal at another Japanese Restaurant, 3 slices of salmon belly sashimi cost S$15 and a piece of lamp chop cost S$12. I also had a bowl of chawanmushi for another S$12. The food was average so it was over priced. I will not go back again. After viewing the design show for about an hour, I went to Marusui Fish Market for another bowl of S$15 black pork ramen so I could rest and did the sketch. It tasted very good. Yummy! My stomach was so full! The sketch also brought a big smile to the waitress on the right.