Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Result of Sketchwalk at New Bridge Road


A very long and big dragon dominates the streets of Chinatown bidding goodbye to the year of the rabbit and usher in the year of the dragon. The design concept is the work of six undergraduates from the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), the newest university of the country. The dragon is very impressive and the sketchers were drawing it from across the road sitting in the shade.

I had problem scanning my sketch. I needed to scan 4 times to join them into whole. I was too ambitious to do a bigger piece at last Saturday's sketchwalk. Size 680 x 240mm (27" x 9.5"). Details on the right building later were added later at home.

Here are some photos of the sketchwalk with Steven Reddy on his way home from China to Seattle via Bangkok and Singapore! It was fun having Steven with the Singapore sketchers chatting, sharing, sketching and eating together! Steven also received a copy "The Art of Urban Sketching" by Gabi from Singapore. The book will only be launched in February but we got our copies first from Basheer Book Store because the books were printed in Singapore.

IMG_4988 IMG_5006
IMG_5003 IMG_4997 IMG_4989