Sunday, November 13, 2011

heavy rain


At Saturday ad-hoc Sketchwalk. I did three sketches with two under the heavy rain at second location. This was done at the first location at Ann Siang Hill just outside URA building. Ann Siang Hill is characterised by the old clans buildings at both sides of the road.


At second location. Started a sketch at Boon Tat Street and it began to rain like cats and dogs. Got to find the shelter along the narrow five foot way on the left of this location.


My third sketch at the junction of Amoy Street and Boon Tat Street. Some of us took shelter at the narrow five-foot way along Amoy Street looking at Boon Tat Street. I was sitting near to the umbrella you see here before the rain started. Finally a group picture for the great turn out. The heavy rain did not deter the spirit and we had a great time sketching together!