Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday Sketches





Did two sketches today at lunch and dinner. Lunch at McDonald in the heartland, Bedok North Block 539. As it was in the public housing estate, the customers were mainly the residents in the neighbourhood. The four children in the photo came to McDonald without their parents or accompanying adults. The girl was very small probably around 3 years old. The two boys looked smart with their frame less glasses while the other boy was obviously older and probably their friend. Four children were watching the TV while eating the burgers. They came, ate, watched the TV and left in like 15 minutes, enough time for me to sketch them.

The ambiance for the dinner sketch was totally different. As a popular Japanese restaurant, the customers at Megumi appeared to be more sophisticated. Most of them were families with children or old grannies and granddads. There were occasionally couples and one young lady was carrying a big bouquet of flowers obviously given by the young man. So sweet!