Sunday, September 04, 2011

a simple meal at Pastamania

110903_pastamania IMG_7888 IMG_7892 On Saturday, I was so tired after a stressful week so I decided to take good care of myself. I went to Alice, my hair dresser, spent almost 4 hours there to cut, colour and treat my stressful hair. People do not realise I have a history of serious hair problem almost ten years ago. Alice and her team carefully helped me to restore my hair condition after the advice and medication given by specialist doctor who said the condition was due to stress. Anyway, today my hair is in such good condition that Alice acclaimed "this bunch of hairs here is fizzy or curly but this part here the new hairs are straight...." Hey, ever heard of rebirth or self-generation? After visiting the hair salon, I went to Parkway for some shopping of ingredients for tonight's pot-luck function. Pastamania was popular with families with younger children. As usual, I just ordered simple aglio olio pasta and what else, a black coffee of course. The green ink I was using dried out so I took out another fountain pen that was filled with black ink and completed the sketch.