Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lisbon Symposium - Day two

110722_Largo Do Rossio 2


110722_Largo Do Rossio 1


Day two I attended the workshop called "Stories of the Square" by Melanie Reim and Angela Luzia. These are the sketches I did according to time stamp the top one being the last and the quickest like 5 to 10 mins. The A4 auction piece was missing in my original post to raise fund for scholarship for the next symposium but the successful bidder, Mario and Ketta Linhares scanned a copy and sent to me so I can now show it here which is the second one from the top. The interior was the lecture hall packed with participants, instructors, speakers and volunteers.

In the afternoon, I attended another workshop by Eduardo and Monica. It was about movements and we watched people at the Cais Do Sodre. I totally forgot about these two pieces of people sketches. They were done on A4 sizes as exercises. I enjoyed being a student again and followed strictly according to their instructions.

First we did the tree sketch along the way from FBAUL to Cais do Sodre just to warm up for about 20 to 30mins. Then we arrived at Cais do Sodre to do the people sketch after watching them for a while.


110722_Cais Do Sodre 1

110722_Cais Do Sodre 2