Friday, July 29, 2011

Lisbon Symposium - Day one afternoon

110721_Escadinhas Do Duque_small1

110721_Escadinhas Do Duque_small2

110721_Escadinhas Do Duque_cafe

110721_Escadinhas Do DuqueThese four were done with day one workshop with Norberto Dorantes and Mario Linhares at Escadinhas do Duque with a spectacular view of the castle. We started with thumbnail sketches but mine grew to 3" x 3" on the top. The second one also grew to 3" x 6". The last one we were to go to the local shop and talk to the people in the shop to get their stories and sketch the interior and the story. Three of us found this cafe and bought the coffee, started splashing with coffee and sketched.

On the left was the third one after the thumbnails exercise. We had a hour to work on it so I did the big format at 200 x 400mm or 8" x 16". It was at this stage that I was interviewed by the local TV station.